Attractions in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is known for being home to several legendary art museums. One of the largest and most popular of these museums is known by the locals as the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo. Here, art lovers can lose themselves in a sea of vibrant colors featured in more progressive, contemporary works or in many of the controversial religious pieces. There is not one limited medium or subject as there are many sculptures, paintings, and portraits featured. The Museu de Arte is also well-known for showcasing the pieces completed by diverse artists from numerous European countries, Asian countries and even the U.S. Needless to say, this particular museum has a vast range of art from various periods, appealing to every art lover.

Sao Paulo is also a hot spot for designers and fashionistas. The city offers more than the average looks expected to be seen on the runway, Sao Paulo is known for a more eccentric, Urban style. This city also has various high-end boutiques for those seeking to bring a Brazilian edge to their everyday style. Just like other high-fashion cities, Sao Paulo hosts an annual fashion week to display the latest, edgiest trends in fashion.

What's unique about the wonderful city of Sao Paulo is the different cultural districts. Sao Paulo is beloved by many for its Asian district and Italian district, among countless others. The Asian district, known as Liberdade, is the section of the city famous for restaurants featuring authentic Asian cuisine, historical memorabilia, clothing and more. Not far from Liberdade is the Italian district, known as Mooca. Mooca is a pasta and seafood fanatic's dream, home to many Italian restaurants and pizzerias.

Another prominent landmark of Sao Paulo is the town square or center, referred to as Praca de Se. In Praca de Se, you can see some of Brazil's finest architectural structures including churches, antique sculptures, beautiful palm trees, fountains, plants and more.

The incessant options available to travelers seeking a cultural awakening in Sao Paulo are undeniable. Even simply strolling around the city, one can get a feel for this lively city. It's not difficult to see why Brazil's largest city is so popular and admired. Whether you're interested in art, history, food or all the above, Sao Paulo is perfect for every traveler.