Sao Paulo Shopping

There is no more elegant shopping destination in Sao Paulo than Daslu. This over-the-top shopping emporium has stores from luxury brands from around the world, including names like Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Louis Vuitton. There are three floors of excellence for shoppers to explore. Shoppers can rest when they get tired at the many bars where tuxedo-clad employees serve free biscotti, sparkling water, and espresso. This is the ultimate shopping playground for Sao Paulo's wealthy, many of whom arrive at Daslu's rooftop helipad.

Mercado Municipal
This covered market is a place where shoppers can sample some of the best foods available in the city. The stalls here sell dried goods and fresh produce. There are also lots of stalls that serve up dishes already prepared. Be sure to try one of the best treats at the market, mortadella sandwiches. The best day to head to the Mercado Municipal is on a Sunday when live music is played.

Iodice is one of the most popular Brasilian clothing brands, and this is the flagship store for the company. Shoppers here can find some of the most unique, fashionable clothing for both men and women. The store caters to shoppers of every budget, offering casual clothing at lower prices as well as high-end fashion that comes with prices to match.

Galeria Melissa
Women who love shoes need look no further. This is the best place to shop for fashionable shoes in Sao Paulo. This store prides itself on offering the most fashionable footwear available in the country. This is not the place to shop for a new pair of tennis shoes. It is all about high-end footwear with bold designs.

Livraria Cultura
Bibliophiles will get a kick out of this bookstore. The store is by far the biggest and best place to buy books in the city. There are three stories of books to browse, including a very large section of English-language books.

Galeria do Rock
A trip to this shopping center is an experience that no one visiting Sao Paulo should pass up. This is a place for the youth of the city to shop for things like tattoos, skateboards, piercings, leather clothing, and music. The people-watching here is incredible. Punks, goths, metal heads and other fringe groups show up here dressed to the nines, allowing shoppers to enjoy quite a spectacle as they wander through the seven floors of merchandise.