Special Events in Sao Paulo

This festival that marks the start of Lent is the most exciting time of year to visit Sao Paulo. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is more famous, but the Sao Paulo Carnival is just as exciting. Dancers fill the streets at all times of the day and night, and the whole city turns into one big party. Samba schools from around the city compete for prizes in the Sambadrome, which is a long alley that the dancers parade down. The alley is lined by stands for spectators, and these stands are the best place for tourists to enjoy the spectacle that is Carnival in Sao Paulo.

Fashion Week
This fantastic event has been held in Sao Paulo since 1996. It was first held once a year, but proved so popular that it is now held twice a year. Visitors can come in either January or June for Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The show is held at Ibirapuera Park, and it features some of the most colorful designs imaginable, most of them inspired by Brasilian rather than European tastes.

Formula One Racing
The Sao Paulo Grand Prix has been held every year since 1990. The course is considered by many to be the most challenging course on the Formula One circuit, and it has provided some of the most thrilling races in the sport's history. Visitors are sure to see some amazing racing as well as more than a few crashes.

Sao Vito Festival
Held in the BrĂ¡s district of the city, this large festival is held to honor the patron saint of Polignano a Mare, Italy, the city that most of the district's residents trace their lineage to. The district fills with music, dancing, and some of the most delicious Italian food this side of Rome. The Sao Vito festival starts in mid-May and runs until early July.

Bienal de Sao Paulo Art Show
This is the second-oldest continually held biannual art show in the world. The show was originally started to bring European and North American art to Brasilian audiences. However, now the festival draws in international visitors to see the powerful, provocative art that Brasilian artists are making.

New Year
The ushering in of the New Year is an excuse for the people of Sao Paulo to do one of the things they do best, throw a massive party. More than 2 million people flock to Avenida Paulista in the heart of the city to enjoy music, dancing, and a massive fireworks display.